Natural Medicine in the Tropics II

Book "Natural Medicine in the Tropics II"

Seminar Handbook

This book describes the natural treatment of the most important sicknesses: wounds (burn, abscess);  skin diseases; diarrhea, malaria and AIDS. Additionally some of the most important tropical ''pharmaceutical plants'' are described: garlic, Artemisia annua, neem, pawpaw, Moringa oleifera. A code of conduct for ''Natural Healers'' confines the book towards witchcraft of the ''Traditional Medicine''. The book is structured in a way that everybody can immediately start with a one week seminar. You read and discuss the statements from page 1 to page 56! Ideal also for beginners of  nurse's training schools in Africa.
This book is also available in French, Portuguese, Swahili, Amharic and Thai.


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