A-3: From Research to Experience

Book "A-3: From Research to Experience"

Artemisia annua anamed "A-3"

We have written the basis information about A-3 in the publication number 202  in German, number 203 in French, number 204 in English and so on. Deeper information you find in this publication number 220: How do you grow A-3 in difficult climates  and soils? Why do we prefer A-3 whole plant extract instead of "poorified" artemisinine/Artesunate? Artemisinine: is it really patented for malaria, is it an effective "ARV" for Aids, why is it patented also as "cytostatic" for cancer? Why do some clinics use it, why do most clinics refuse it because it is too cheap? Reading this booklet will - hopefully- not only make you angry, but far more: make you active to save your and many other lives!

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