Who or what is malignant in cancer?

by Hans-Martin Hirt

Summary: The word "cancer" means "malignant growth".  Cancer is made even worse by the suppression of natural medicine thanks to a successful worldwide pharmaceutical lobby. And from this malignant usurious prices in the pharmaceutical industry arise. Those who find out that something "malignant" has nested in their body get scared, ruin their bank account and thus lay the building block for "big business".  This is a disaster especially in developing countries as well. This is the reason why we have now translated the Youtube video "A-3, the Red Cross of medicinal plants" into English and French. We report research and experience why natural medicinal substances grow out of the earth even for serious, malignant diseases. Nothing makes us immortal. But in some cases, we can fearlessly use it to extend our lives by a few benign years. A year ago we made a youtube about this in German, and the echoes we received were so positive that we are now offering the video, slightly improved, in English and French............let's get to work together! Welcome therefore to the youtube: "A-3, the Red Cross of medicinal plants":

in D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bplt_v-w-m8

In E: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLXLVjP4vhY  

in F: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcFFWmfGjZ8


Dear friends of Natural Medicine!

Almost 10 million people worldwide die of cancer every year. Cancer is caused by the influence of radiation, chemicals e.g. pesticides in food, unhealthy nutrition, infections, as well as habits e.g. smoking.

My personal experience:  At the beginning of my doctoral work, it was a great desire for me to find and research new medicinal plants against cancer. But the director of the German Cancer Research Center told me that they had plowed through the whole plant kingdom and there was nothing new to discover! What a sad answer ... and even sadder: even today's cancer research centers are still of this opinion. Research is done on single substances because they are patentable; total extracts of a plant are of no interest from the beginning because they are not patentable, not profitable and therefore not "in the sense of the inventor". Only during my 6-year assignment in the jungle of the Congo, I learned that countless medicinal plants do not even have a Latin name. So how could my professor know that thousands of medicinal plants that have no name must be ineffective against cancer? If he had told the truth, the industry would have demanded his dismissal.

Only when students adopt their professor's untruth and continue teaching do they make a career out of it. The further science moves away from nature, the higher the profits beckon, ultimately having a disastrous effect on the patients affected. For most people in tropical countries today, cancer is as good as a death sentence. For cancer research at universities, only those who quickly obtain patentable findings will receive further funding in the future. As a result, naturopathy is dismissed as useless from the outset. A clinic that recommends naturopathy turns off its own money tap in this system. Scoffers claim that more people "feed" on cancer than fall ill with it.

Our philosophy of „anamedopathy" is completely different and therefore much cheaper and still very effective. Animals can give us valuable clues, e.g. when it becomes known that a mosquito suffering from malaria absorbs the juice of bitter plants!  People who are still closely connected with nature tell me about which plants, for example from the jungle, they have been using for centuries against which diseases.  These hints are then the basis for a cooperation of humanitarian acting experts in alternative and conventional medicine, in North and South.  Hints become knowledge, experiences follow, then therapy suggestions, which are responsible for both sides.  In our brochure order number 204, we are looking for explanations as to why some medicinal plants have an active effect against cancer. What we publish in the world can no longer be registered as a patent by financial sharks!  For a very special medicinal plant, Artemisia annua anamed, we have now published this video; for me it is the highlight of my anti-cancer career, which started in 1976. My goal is: every cancer patient becomes a researcher on his own body. Maybe he first tries a "chemo from his own garden"?  Now no one should be called „a hopeless case“, incurable or untreatable.  Correctly the physician must say: "With the small number of tools, which were left to us for profit reasons by the authorities, I can help you unfortunately no more". 

That's why our video is a global encourager for doctors and alternative practitioners to protest, and to explore new methods, and to demand patient-centered rather than industry-centered health policies. And it is an encouragement for people with cancer in developing countries who can no longer pay their doctor, or can no longer find him because he has emigrated to Europe.  Our work  is an encouragement for people who want to take their fate into their own hands.  The physician Dr. Schnitzer put it this way: "Modern medicine takes care of your illnesses. It lives on these. You have to take care of your health yourself. From this you live."

You can order our literature on this subject in the store of www.anamed-edition.com or download it for free at:  https://www.anamed-edition.com/en/downloads.html

 Now we wish you a lot of trust in God and a lot of joy in life.  It is the goal of anamed that healthy people stay healthy, sick people become healthy and therefore we all go to heaven healthy…… but if possible not already tomorrow….!

Yours sincerely, Hans-Martin Hirt and team

If you want to support our work in developing countries: projects and donation account can be found at www.anamed.org

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