News about Tea Mail-Ordering

by Hans-Martin Hirt

Dear Friends and those interested in the global work of anamed!

Until recently, you could find offers for tea here (, a special variety of Artemisia annua leaves, Moringa powder, the Euphorbia hirta herb etc.


For 27 years we have been researching which substances can be found in medicinal plants; which of those substances Industry has isolated, which substances Industry has patented for which diseases. We then ask volunteers all over the world if they want to test them on themselves to see whether the TOTAL EXTRACT of these plants has a lesser, the same or even a stronger effect on the disease pattern, IF (and that is the condition) this total extract (powder, tea…) has been in use in traditional medicine for a long time.

For example: Artemisia annua tea contains Artemisinin. This isolated product is patented for Malaria, AIDS, cancer, Lyme disease etc. So we were gathering experience from all over the world, on the extent to which a total extract of the plant works less, the same or better compared to the isolated substance. We made recommendations based on our findings and published them here.

Our recommendations:

  1. Were welcomed by our liability insurance because the more a patient is aware, the fewer accidents occur.
  2. Were adopted by lots of development aid organisations; even the WHO which is otherwise very critical, awarded our group “anamed Bukavu / Congo” a prize for creating a field of Artemisia.
  3. Resulted in a retired teacher (Hannelore Klabes) being awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on 10.11.2010, in her old age, for her commitment to the fight against Malaria in Burundi.
  4. Led to a high number of Africans being able to live and survive in a malaria-affected country again so that they no longer needed to seek refuge in Germany.

The combination of the sale of tea plus recommendations:

…led to us receiving a letter at the end of 2014, informing us that our recommendations together with tea sales infringed on European law, the German pharmaceutical advertising law §1, 3a and 12, and that these infringements were punishable with a fine.

This notification completely disrupted our work and that was probably the intention because if patients and health insurance companies can save millions of Euros thanks to anamed teas, then others will start to miss these millions of Euros!!!!

We had to completely reorganise ourselves. One option was to legalise our teas as pharmaceutical products which, according to the German Federal Ministry for Pharmaceuticals, would cost approx. 300,000 Euros per tea and indication, without knowing how things would turn out…in other words: it would completely ruin us.

We don’t want to PATENT ANYTHING, we want our recommendations to allow small / family businesses to develop all over the world, to create jobs, and give desperately sick people some perspective, an alternative to the chemical one-way street.

Our teas:

  1. Were used by a lot of alternative practitioners and doctors
  2. Were used by thousands of patients for lots of illnesses
  3. Could drastically reduce the expenditure of health insurance companies

Phytomedicine all over the world is in danger! Proof: in the Eighties there were mild antihypertensives based on Rauwolfia serpentina. These disappeared from the market because companies were demanded a much too high re-registration fee. However, Phytotherapists were still able to order the raw product (Radix Rauwolfiae serp.) from wholesale pharmacies and could then manufacture tinctures and capsules etc! In June 2015, the only remaining manufacturing company announced that it was stopping production of this raw material. This means that doctors now have one less cheap and effective tool at their disposal: our health system is being INTENTIONALLY ruined in this way! And since our laws are transferred to developing countries, there too, cheap Phytomedicine is disappearing, as are small businesses in Africa and India that produce the medicine locally from plants. Both people’s health AND the economy are suffering there and streams of refugees are being DELIBERATELY created. The results of this mistaken policy are exports of pharmaceutical products to Africa for the benefit of the industry in the West, and poverty-led displacement which is paid for by the general public!

We have had to divide our activities into 3 independent branches:

  1. anamed international e.V. is the association which holds seminars all over the world, researches plants, supports the printing of anamed literature worldwide and depends on your donations and cooperation. Every year at the end of September, we invite you to Winnenden, near Stuttgart, for our annual meeting! Website, address: anamed Verein, Schafweide 77, 71364 Winnenden,
  2. anamed edition is a business (or rather an initiative) from which you can order our literature, books, posters etc. and also Moringa seeds, the starter kit for Artemisia annua anamed, re-fill packets of Artemisia seeds etc. Anamed edition has the right to freedom of expression, as long as the Pharma dictatorship doesn’t do away with that too! We would therefore like to thank you for all the testimonials and will be presenting them to the scientific world at our annual meeting, before subsequently publishing them. Website, address: Schafweide 77, 71364 Winnenden,
  3. Business XYZ (the name is not allowed to be given) in Winnenden is a business (or rather an initiative), from which you can order Artemisia and other teas, and the nutritional supplement Moringa with the same quality as before. By law, this business may not give any information on indications, effects, interactions, side-effects etc. We agree to this. We are not allowed to PUBLISH the name, website, address, email, telephone no. etc here. So please write to my PRIVATE email address (or send a postcard) (don’t phone please!!!) giving your name, complete address and telephone no. to avoid fake emails.

This is the only way we can fulfil our multiple mandate,

  1. Which we were given by the WHO, namely worldwide research into the best Malaria healing plants and to improve the global standing of (non-esoteric) alternative medicine, as a member of the research group “RITAM”.
  2. Which we recognise in the 1948 UN Declaration on Human Rights: everyone has the right to a standard of living that ensures their own and their family’s health and well-being,…and the right to safety in case of…illness…(article 25)
  3. Through our Christian duty (Matthew 10,1): “and he called his 12 disciples and gave them power…so that they…could heal all sickness and all infirmity

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