Propositions for prophylaxis and therapy of corona (1/1/2021)

by Hans-Martin Hirt

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"CORONA RECIPES": just a  proposition!



  1. Corona prophylaxis: Use A-3 in low dosage. In case of danger, for example working in a clinic, old people's home, vaccination centre, etc. drink a cup of A-3 tea daily with breakfast. If the danger is low, fewer cups a week may be sufficient. This prophylaxis, just like a mask, is not 100% protection on its own! Low dose means: Adults: pour 250 ml (1 large cup) of boiling water over 1.25 g of dried tea (or 6.5 g of fresh leaves) before breakfast, drink after breakfast. (1.25 g of dried and cut artemisia leaves is equivalent to one weakly heaped teaspoon). Or powder these tea leaves, or buy them in powder form, and stir them into warm tomato juice or yoghurt, cream, honey, apple porridge etc., and take them with breakfast. Children take less A-3 tea or A-3 powder, see table below. Remember to get enough exercise in the fresh air and eat a healthy diet. Keep bronchial tubes clear by chewing sage leaves from the pharmacy or eucalyptus leaves from Initiative XYZ*. The important thing is not to remain coronanegative, but to go through the transition to a coronapositive state very gently!
  2. Corona therapy: As soon as you feel the symptoms of a corona infection or have tested positive, immediately take the high dose (drink one litre of A-3 tea or take 5g of powder). Then take this high dose again for the next 24 hours, and then again for at least 6 more days: High dose: Pour 1 litre of boiling water over 5 g of dried tea (or 25 g of fresh leaves), steep for at least 15 minutes, filter and drink 250ml of it every 4 hours throughout the day. 5 g dried and crushed artemisia leaves correspond to about 4 slightly heaped teaspoons. Or powder this amount, or buy it as a powder, and stir 1.25g of A-3 powder into warm tomato juice or yoghurt, cream, honey, apple porridge, etc. 4 times a day and take immediately (i.e. a total of 5g of A-3 per day).

Children take less A-3 tea or A-3 powder, see table below. An enema can be considered, for example, for children who refuse tea because of its taste, or for unconscious patients.

Dosages of Artemisia tea, taken orally or as an enema


Weight of patient (kg)




Artemisia tea taken orally.

..g leaves in of water per day for 7 days


or Artemisia tea as an enema ..g leaves in of water per day until the patient regains consciousness


2-3 months


1,5g/50 ml


4-11 months




1-2 years
























Example: An adult takes:

  1. a) orally: per day pour 1 litre of boiling water over 5 g of dried Artemisia leaves and drink 250 ml of tea 4 times a day.
  2. b) as an enema: per day pour 500 ml of boiling water over 15 g of dried Artemisia leaves and give 50 ml of it as an enema 10 times a day. However: As soon as the patient can drink by himself, give tea by mouth.


  1. Notes:

---This document is only a supplement to the booklet "Artemisia annua", order number 204 from anamed edition. Nobody in the world has written such a detailed monograph on A.annua as we have, not even authors of a pharmacopoeia.

---Good dried A-3 tea leaves as a reserve will keep, packed several times, in the freezer for 10 years. Important, because the earlier you start the therapy, the higher the chances of healing.

---Whether you drink A-3 tea or take A-3 powder is a question of taste; both are equivalent.

---If you want to increase your immunity even more, take an additional 5g of Moringa at noon, e.g. stirred into soup.

---During the therapy you can also take 4 grams of the spice Curcuma (ground, one teaspoonful; available in the grocery shop). Less Curcuma may also be sufficient.

---The tea can be improved with honey or, if necessary, sugar or sweet fruits. Experience has shown that children do not like the tea, so mix the A-3 powder with peanut butter or, in the worst case, Nutella or a similar product.

---Instead of boiling water, you can also use boiling milk. Four times a day: pour a cup (250 ml) of boiling milk over 1.25 g of dried leaves, steep, filter, drink.

---If you grind the dried leaves beforehand, you can spoon the tea prepared from them unfiltered like a soup: the leaves are then further extracted in the gastrointestinal tract.

-Antiviral medicine is more likely to be found in your own kitchen cupboard than in the clinic: garlic, onions, leeks, chives, wild garlic. Yoghurt and all foods containing vitamin C and D are also recommended. Drink a lot! Continue to do spray inhalations against bronchitis and cough (dissolve a pinch of salt in a cup, add eucalyptus oil, Japanese medicinal plant oil or peppermint oil). Use eucalyptus or sage as described above, do everything so that you do not have to occupy the rare clinic places.

- --Remember to get enough exercise in the fresh air and to eat a healthy diet.

---In urgent cases or even if you are overweight, use 10g of A-3 instead of 5g.

---Whoever works despite being ill can also divide the daily dose between morning and evening.

---Who sleeps worse at night due to A-3, take the last dose in the afternoon.

---If you absolutely want to take other remedies, please take them 2 hours apart from the Artemisia dose (zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc.).

---These dosages were initially recommended for malaria patients and we can therefore look back on 20 years of experience with thousands of patients, e.g. with regard to side effects.

--Breastfeeding mothers can continue to breastfeed normally.

--Pregnant women in the first trimester: According to the literature and our experience, no side effects on mother or child have been observed. Nevertheless, all therapies should be discussed very closely with the doctor during this period. Pregnant women in the 2nd or 3rd trimester: According to our experience and the literature, there are no problems; however, it is still recommended that the doctor be consulted.

--The basis for these suggestions are our own experiences with other infections; A.annua monograph of the WHO and TCM; scientific reports on antiviral effects of A.annua against herpes virus, cytomegalovirus, papilloma virus, hepatitis virus, coronavirus, etc.; reports from Madagascar; reports from patients to us.


  1. Caution: These suggestions are non-binding and are in no way a substitute for the advice and treatment of a doctor. Therapies are especially intended for situations where a doctor is not available. All medicinal plants can also have side effects and interactions, which we describe in detail on 50 pages in our monograph for Artemisia annua anamed (A-3) (brochure 204, available for purchase in paper form at, or there also as a free download). These suggestions will be continuously updated based on feedback. Feedback is very welcome. Questions will only be answered if they are not already answered in brochure 204!          
  2.  Other companies: These suggestions are only valid for A-3. They are NOT valid for other, not defined Artemisia annua ("A-2") products of whatever industry. We do not claim that all these properties apply only to the subspecies or product Artemisia-annua-anamed (A-3). You are free to test different subspecies/products to see to what extent they are active against Corona. Artemisia annua products differ e.g. in artemisinin content ( 0-1.4%; A-3 up to 1.4%)), water content and thus risk of mould starting at 14%(7-14%; A-3 about 7%) , proportion of hardly active stems (0-100%, A-3 under 3%), proportion of allergenic flowers (0-10%: A-3:0%), proportion of essential oils compared to the fresh plant (0-100%; A-3 over 95%), brown colouring due to wilting of the leaves (0-100%; A-3 under 1%).



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