Artemisia annua anamed

A response to questions about other diseases in addition to malaria, cancer, AIDS

Dear friends,
we have been receiving so many questions related to Artemisia annua anamed (A-3) that we apologise to send you a standard response letter.
Some remarks:

  1. Note: In this paper we mean by “Artemisia tea” the organically grown dried leaves (Folia!) of Artemisia annua anamed (abbreviated to A-3). This is a breed with 20 times the usual content of active ingredients. This tea must have either been bought from anamed or grown from original A-3 seeds which have been carefully sown and the plants cared for according to our recommendations. These notes do not apply to other species of Artemisia, e.g. wormwood, not for wild forms of Artemisia annua which may be bought from the pharmacy or via the internet either as tea or in capsules, and also not for “Herba (!) Artemisia annua” which mainly consists of stems.
  2. A-3 is a big surprise for us as well and we too are astonished at how many diseases this plant has been proven effective for treatment.
  3. The pharmaceutical industry has influenced the law in a way that it is very difficult for small organisations like anamed to recommend any natural remedies legally.
  4. In Germany, A-3 is not a recognised and registered medicine; therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for legal reasons. On a trial basis and based on the recommendations of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, anamed co-workers who are suffering from various diseases have taken Artemisia tea, at their own risk, as follows:
    1. In the acute phase they drink daily one litre of A-3 tea made with 5 g of dried Artemisia leaves (depending on the severity of the disease this may be for a week or even for a period of months).
    2. In the chronic phase they drink one cup of A-3 Tea made out of 1.25 g of dried Artemisia leaves every day and this for weeks or even years.
  5. We are very actively collecting and compiling the experiences of cancer patients who are using A-3. This data will help us to considerably improve our understanding and our recommendations. Therefore we ask you to help us by sharing your experiences with A-3 – whether A-3 helped a lot, a little or not at all. If you can give us the results of laboratory tests, even better!
  6. Please read our publication about Artemisia (Order number 204 in English, 202 in German, 203 in French…). This gives you all the information that you could possibly need about the use of Artemisia. So as to avoid any legal problems, we inform you that all therapies have to be done under the control of a doctor.
  7. In order to cause us no legal problems, please order as follows:
    "Please supply the Artemisia documentation in… (language and order number) together with… sachets of 50 g of tea of Artemisia annua anamed, order number 411, as raw material, not medicine", and send this order to us by email, website or post: anamed, Schafweide 77, D-71364 Winnenden
  8. It is up to you to decide whether you inform your doctor about using A-3. In the ideal case, your doctor will also be most interested to know the results of this method of treatment!
  9. As you know from our home page that our primary concern is not the promotion of Natural Medicine in Europe but in developing countries. If Artemisia has indeed helped you, please support our partners in those countries with a donation.

All the best from Hans-Martin Hirt and the whole anamed team

Medical Uses - Internally

e.g. against diseases like AIDS, cancer, haemorrhoids, common cold, fever, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis and chronic dysentery, also various rheumatic diseases, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Lupus, Candida etc.

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