anamed: A Worldwide Network

The anamed Edition is a part of the anamed Network. This stands on 4 feet.

1. anamed Edition

We don't keep something secret and don't patent things. You can produce all our medicines by yourself at any location in the tropics. There are books and posters for seminars which you can use in the tropics! See order form.

We ship our books ourselves because:

  1. they should be reasonable priced.
  2. The books should be printed in small editions and updated regularly, they should not be out of print when a publisher shows no economic interest.
  3. on demand the books shall be adapted to tropical countries and translated in their languages. We are open to any suggestions or critic if you have experienced our recipes!
  4. By shipping the literature and materials (Anamed-Edition) from Germany, we lower part of our costs and are less dependent on donations.

2. anamed International e.V.

The circle of friends action for natural medicine in the tropics (anamed). Our goals are:
The promotion of the international exchange of knowledge on tropical medicinal plants in favour of humanitarian organizations. Promotion of activities in countries on
“natural medicine”: a step against the threat of planting medicinal plants.

Together we farm medicinal gardens (for information) and medical fields (for production). We develop recipes to convert the medicinal plants into medicine. These medicines shall come to humanitarian pharmacies and shall be supplied to under-supplied clinics. Useless imports are avoided. “Anamed International” is a circle of friends which supports the Anamed groups in the developing countries. We meet each other twice a year. The newsletter reports about our work is sent to our sponsors twice a year. Donation account.

3. anamed Seminar Programme

A service for missions, churches, NGO in developing countries

  • In seminars there should be an exchange of knowledge about the importance and the methods to protect medicinal plants and the processing to medicine on the ground!
  • Thereby pharmacists, doctors, nurses, theologians, healers and traditional midwifes collaborate.
  • Seminar Programme: we have compiled a one week program on medicine according to the booklet booklet „Natural Medicine Seminar Handbook“
  • Different churches attend the seminar and therefore ecumenical understanding is stimulated.

4. anamed Malaria Programme

Artemisia annua – medicine made of Artemisia annua is mostly unreachable expensive for the population. Wild plants of this species have 3 disadvantages: they grow in the tropics only, they have few leaves and have a too low active ingredient to drink as tea.
The species “Artemisia Annua Anamed” in contrast is rich in content, has many leaves and grows up to 3 m on our fields in Germany, Africa, Asia, South America etc. The “malaria plant Artemisia Starter Kit“ is individually prepackaged according to your language and skills. It contains seeds, materials, all necessary instructions for sowing, vegetative reproduction in word and picture; storage and application of the tea; optional in German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili. Further more scientific literature in English.
With this “Starter Kit” workers of development cooperations can farm Artemisia fields for many years and help to treat thousands of tropical malaria patients and also temper AIDS symptoms. Our publications