Euphorbia hirta

People who travel in the tropics, or work there are, are very thankful for medicinal plants against malaria. The most powerful for this indication is surely "Artemisia annua anamed". The second most important ailment is always: diarrhoea: especially amoebic dysentery, normally treated with strong antibiotics. But because more and more pathogens become resistant against antibiotic, every traveler should know effective medicinal plants for this. According to our experience, the plant “Euphorbia hirta” is the best alternative to commercial antibiotics like Metronidazol, Tinidazol etc. E.hirta grows exactly where amoebic dysentery is mostly found: in hot areas of the Tropics. It is very difficult to cultivate and therefore we don't have it regularly on stock. Who knows it for sure, collects it himself!

Amoebic dysentery and diarrhea of unknown origin: mix 2g of dried herb (2 level teaspoonful) with one liter of water in a pot and boil it. Take the pot from the fire (heat) and let cool down in this pot. Afterwards, filter and drink it distributed over the day (for example 4 times 250 ml a day). Continue the treatment for a total of 8 days  so the total dose is  2g x 8 days = 16 g. In the case of no prompt improvement consult a doctor.

Side effects: not known. However side effects can occur with every medicine, whether of biological or chemical type. In this case interrupt the therapy and use another drug recommended by the doctor or practitioner .

30 g are sufficient for one treatment (8 days times 2 g per day)

Detailed information in our literature “Natural Medicine in the Tropics”, order number 105.