Ebola and Natural Medicine

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The disciples went on their way and travelled from village to village.
Everywhere they preached the message of the Kingdom of God and healed the sick. Luke 9.6

Ebola: a virus disease, transmitted through blood, sweat, urine, sperm. Initial symptoms are similar to those of malaria: fever, muscle pain, nausea, then after 5-7 days, Ebola-specific, internal bleeding. AIDS viruses only remain infectious outside the body for 30 minutes; but Ebola viruses do so for several days! Men who have recovered from Ebola can still transmit the virus for 7 weeks through their sperm (Wikipedia).

Fighting off the disease: Through non-specific immunity / specific immunity / antivirals

  1. Immunity: the body fights viral infections with soluble antibodies (humoral immunity) and lymphocytes (cellular immunity)

  2. Antiviral drugs reduce virus replication in the body

Situation: blocking off slums, closing borders, etc leads to famine, which in turn leads to decreased immunity, so the blocked off population is even more exposed to the risk of infection. Frequent occurrence of malaria leads to a weakening of the body, anemia and, consequently, decreased immunity. AIDS also leads to reduced immunity. Malaria and AIDS together build up and make the body even more vulnerable to other infections such as Ebola. The frequent lack of national drug production constantly causes bottlenecks and failures in the treatment of malaria and AIDS patients. Africa suffers under the brain-drain: doctors are trained and then leave Africa because of the low salary levels. Consequently, those who remain are faced with increased obligations. Since doctors are forced to look after Ebola patients, these rare professionals become even more stretched. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) at least 225 doctors, nurses and carers were infected in the past six months in West Africa. 130 of them died.


  1. Shift the priority in the countries of the world from military defense to the expansion of health care.
  2. Get the WHO to recognize phytotherapy (i.e., self-help) e.g. in the control of AIDS and malaria, as equivalent to the chemical (patentable, dependency-inducing) medicin
  3. Train volunteer herbalists as "Primary Health care workers" in the prevention of malaria, AIDS, Ebola, etc., Establish "Ebola villages" like the leprosy villages, to alleviate the suffering of patients, at least in rural areas, relieving the strain on the (expensive) running of clinics. Ebola cured volunteers, in particular, should be trained in caring for Ebola patients
  4. Support the immune system by administering 5 g Moringa powder at least 2 x daily to all vulnerable people. To achieve this, the government needs to create Moringa fields covering several square kilometers. (Moringa oleifera, first harvest 1 year after sowing)
  5. Antiviral and immuno-stimulating therapy is possible by administering 5 g of Artemisia annua (A-3) powder daily. Here too, square kilometer-sized fields are required.
  6. Global support of long-term research on these and other herbal antivirals.
  7. Absolute prohibition to kill or eat animals that transmit Ebola ("bush meat": wild boar, forest antelopes, monkeys, fruit bats, bats)


Anamed gives each head of a Ministry of Health / of an Ecumenical Church Council in the affected countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, D.R. CONGO) free of charge on official request:

  • 1 Starter Kit for large-scale cultivation of Artemisia annua anamed with 5,000 seeds and a further 15,000 seeds with a total value of 200 euro
  • 5 kilos of Artemisia tea worth 1000 Euro
  • Three places on one of the next worldwide anamed seminars (value € 750) to train in the cultivation and use of antiviral plants


  • A Country does not first have to convene lengthy ethics committees, since Moringa and Artemisia annua have been successfully used for many years in numerous countries for infections (Artemisia) and malnutrition (Moringa).
  • n Artemisia annua, the ingredients artemisinin, sitosterol and stigmasterol, are classified as antiviral;  and Astralgin, coumarin and eupatorin are classified as immune stimulating substances. Artemisinin is patented as a virus-inhibiting substance.
  • The immune enhancing and antiviral agents (e.g. against herpes viruses) in Moringa oleifera are present but not yet defined in detail.
  • There is a wealth of other virus-inhibiting plants: Aloe vera, chamomile, grapefruit seeds ... but no other plant can form such high yields of virus-inhibiting substances in the tropics as fast as Artemisia annua anamed.
  • It is important that every patient complaining of fever, headaches and nausea, is immediately supplied with sufficient artemisia and moringa. Suggestion: a country produces bags, containing 5g Artemisia powder and 10g Moringa powder. The patient takes half of it in the morning, and half in the evening, either directly mixed with some food or the patient pours 500ml boiling water over it each morning and evening and then takes the mixture once it has completely cooled.

Warning notice for this article: The author Dr. Hans-Martin Hirt is a pharmacist and not a doctor. Hirt has worked in virus research for 2 ½ years, but is not a virus researcher. Hirt has traveled to Africa 60 times and has worked in Congo for 6 years, but is not an Africa expert, only the Africans themselves are! The anamed edition sells teas "Artemisia annua anamed" and "Moringa oleifera" in Europe. However, there is no conflict of interest, because all German employees in Africa promote the cultivation of these plants for self-sufficiency. Our offer to these Ebola-stressed countries is valid until 01/06/2015.

Enquiries from governments / journalists: Please by email only to anamedhmh@yahoo.de

How can I support anamed worldwide?

Here in Winnenden, trains are often cancelled, because suicidal people jump in front of them. Isn’t that terrible? There are so many beautiful and necessary things to be done ... anyone can work with us till they’ve breathed their last... but how? I was asked to put together some info: -Men / women can:

  • pray for the success of our work and the safety of our domestic and foreign employees;For German speaking readers: visit our annual Korntal  seminar, then report back to their community or club, and thus raise funds for anamed;
  • For German speaking readers: visit our annual Korntal seminar, then produce chamomile creams, soaps, lipsticks, etc work themselves in holiday programs with children or with the elderly, with asylum seekers or welfare (Hartz 4) receivers, and thus spread the anamed’s idea of helping people to help themselves;
  • arrange an annual Artemisia annua cultivation with their community. YMCA, the church choir, etc . then help to harvest. The harvest is made available to African clinics for free (Last year a mission station in Mozambique received 100 kilo A-3 for free);
  • visit an anamed seminar in Africa / Asia, and then subsequently volunteer in a project there for a long time at your own risk, possibly collaborate 1 x annually for one month; check for addresses with H.M.Hirt;
  • donate: make school visits for disadvantaged children in Africa possible: 70 € / year for kindergarten, 150 € / year primary school, 300 € / year Middle School, 500 € / year for training as a nurse / carer;
  • donate: 250 € for a local person to participate in an anamed seminar including many materials to independently prepare Medicines. 5000 € for a whole anamed national seminar, 12,000 € for an international seminar; 10,000 € to basically equip an anamed Rural Clinic;
  • include anamed in your will (deposited with the notary);
  • translate important anamed texts into other languages;
  • do a doctoral thesis on an anamed topic;
  • pick up fallen fruit in autumn and sell at local markets for anamed etc !!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!