Artemisia annua anamed, "A-3 Tea"

A-3 Tea in a bowl
A-3 Tea "broken"
A-3 Tea Powder
A-3 Tea Powder

Artemisia annua anamed is a special breed (not gen manipulated) which has three advantages:

  • it grows in the tropics where malaria is prevalent
  • it has a high yield of leaves
  • it has, if the artemisinin is measured, a 20 times higher content as the average wild form of Artemisia

The dried leaves are used against a multiplicity of sicknesses, as it is recorded in the pharmacopoeia of  Vietnam. A product which we are allowed to sell not as medicine, but as a raw material only. More information about this you get  in our detailed documentations (204) and 220.

In case you want to grow your own Artemisia, you may buy our starterkit. order number 409.

In case you want to buy Artemisia tea or powder, please write us a private email to to get some useful hints. Please do not phone, thank you.