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Malaria Programme Starterkit

Order number 409:

The starterkit contains:

  • 5000 seeds of Artemisia annua anamed (A-3). They are supplied in an air-tight plastic container with silica gel.
  • one 50g packet of artemisia leaves.
  • peat disks for easy sowing.
  • materials to aid in taking cuttings.
  • the document “Artemisia annua anamed: Cultivation and uses” in English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish (please specify the language!). This document gives comprehensive information, particularly regarding the treatment of malaria and cancer.
  • the document “Artemisia annua anamed: From research to experience”. Over 50 further pages of scientific information in English.
  • a folded poster of medicinal plants.
  • the book “Natural Medicine in the Tropics I” by Hirt and M’Pia.
  • the booklet “Natural Medicine in the Tropics: II Treatments” (our seminar handbook).
  • the booklet “AIDS and Natural Medicine”.
  • Hygrometer with enclosed manual
  • a request for feedback.

Total weight about 1.5 kg.

We can supply our starterkit to:

  • Community groups, NGOs, churches, missionaries and others who wish to grow Artemisia annua in order that the local community can treat malaria with their home grown artemisia tea, and at the same time benefit local small scale farmers.
  • People or organisations in the Tropics who wish to grow artemisia to treat malaria directly in the community as tea.
  • Researchers and research organisations, which have the aim of helping their country to become more independent in treating malaria.

The document “Artemisia annua anamed: Cultivation and uses” gives advice on:

  • Cultivation: how to sow the seeds, to take care of the seedlings, to plant them out in the field, to propagate more plants and to harvest and dry the leaves.
  • The use of Artemisia annua to treat malaria.
  • The uses of Artemisia annua, both internally and externally, to treat other diseases.

Once you have bought a kit for use in a particular country, we are willing to help you in the process of networking and mutual support in that country.

Together with your starterkit, you may also like to order refill packs of seeds (Order No. 412). If you need additional packs of dried artemisia leaves, we can tell you where to order it. Please write a private email to

We made a youtube-video where the whole starterkit is explained:

See price list.

Artemisia Seeds

412: ARTEMISIA Seeds, refill package for (409). For all those who want to get more seeds, or for those who have bought earlier  a starterkit and need now again 2000 seeds.