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Dear friends,
we have been receiving so many questions related to AIDS that we apologise to send you a standard response letter.

Some remarks:

    1. Note: In this paper we mean by “Artemisia tea” the organically grown dried leaves (Folia!) of Artemisia annua anamed (abbreviated to A-3). This is a breed with 20 times the usual content of active ingredients. This tea must have either been bought from “XYZ” (see above) or grown from original A-3 seeds which have been carefully sown and the plants cared for according to our recommendations. These notes do not apply to other species of Artemisia, e.g. wormwood, not for wild forms of Artemisia annua which may be bought from the pharmacy or via the internet either as tea or in capsules, and also not for “Herba (!) Artemisia annua”  which mainly consists of stems.
    2. A-3 is a big surprise for us as well and we too are astonished at how many diseases this plant has been proven effective for treatment. Example AIDS: Artemisinin is already patented for AIDS therapy, namely as a “biological antiretroviral product”!* In our hospital wards in Africa, AIDS patients drink Artemisia tea in high or low doses, where possible in combination with lemongrass tea, lots of garlic and Aloe Vera gel, Moringa leaves for a better diet etc. Our results with this, e.g. in Musoma/Tanzania, are spectacular. Doctors and ethnologists from all over the world interview our “patients”, who by now provide AIDS counselling themselves!
      We report on this in detail in our publication: “AIDS and Natural Medicine”, anamed order no. 115.
      * Luo, Xuande, (1998), "Qinghaosu Derivates Against AIDS", European Patent Office, EP 713877, see details in "A-3: From research to experience", anamed order no. 220)
    3. Anti-retroviral (ARV) substances are produced not only in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry, but also occur in nature.
      Whether synthetic or natural, these medicines have one or more of the following effects:
      • They limit the multiplication of HIV viruses.
      • They destroy the HIV viruses.
      • They strengthen the immune system (increasing the number of T-helper cells).
      • They heal the symptoms of AIDS, for example, diarrhoea ceases, the body weight increases, menstruation commences again, skin problems disappear, and the psychological condition improves.

      The distinctive role of medicinal plants

      Synthetic ARVs and also some natural products first diminish the virus load and thus help the body to recover. Many medicinal plants, however, first stimulate the immune system, and thereby help the body to reduce the number of viruses. Some medicinal plants, such as artemisia, have both functions.
      Interactions between Natural Medicine (NM) and synthetic ARV drugs (ARV)
      Many people ask whether Natural Medicines (NM) should be taken together with synthetic ARVs. It is in fact known that, in practice, more than 50% of AIDS patients that take synthetic ARVs also take herbal medicines.
      The experience of anamed co-workers in several African countries seems to strongly indicate:
      • Certain natural products are so effective that even AIDS patients who are bed-ridden and who have almost lost the will to live become strong again and free from health complaints. This is particularly true for artemisia tea and moringa leaf powder administered by a loving carer.
      • When such natural products are taken together with conventional ARVs, there are no negative interactions, rather the negative side effects of the ARV drugs tend to be less severe.
      • During the civil conflict in Kenya after the 2007 election ARV drugs were no longer available in many parts of the country. Those taking natural products were not significantly affected, even if they had previously been also taking ARVs. Those who used ARVs alone were badly affected.
    4. You may like to add Moringa to your daily diet. The leaves of both Moringa oleifera and Moringa stenopetala contain large amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals. For this reason, moringa leaf powder is used very successfully to bring malnourished patients back to health. Taking moringa leaf powder not only builds up the body again, but often eliminates secondary problems such as diarrhoea and skin diseases. If you live in tropical countries, make moringa leaf powder yourself: Harvest the leaves, dry within 3 days, if possible in the shade. In very strong sunlight they lose their vitamin A. Pound them, sieve them to remove the stems and store in airtight jars in the dark. Add one heaped teaspoonful of moringa leaf powder to the food three times a day. AIDS patients should do this every day of their life.
    5. The pharmaceutical industry has influenced the law in a way that it is very difficult for small organisations like anamed to recommend any natural remedies legally. In D.R. Congo, it is registered as AIDS medicine. In Germany, A-3 is not a recognised and registered medicine; therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for legal reasons. On a trial basis and based on the recommendations of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, anamed co-workers who are suffering from various diseases have taken Artemisia tea, at their own risk, as follows:
      1. In the acute phase they drink daily one litre of A-3 tea made with 5 g of dried Artemisia leaves (depending on the severity of the disease this may be for a week or even for a period of months).
      2. In the chronic phase they drink one cup of A-3 Tea made out of 1.25 g of dried Artemisia leaves every day and this for weeks or even years.
    6. We are very actively collecting and compiling the experiences of AIDS patients who are drinking Artemisia tea. This data will help us to considerably improve our understanding and our recommendations. Therefore we ask you to help us by sharing your experiences with A-3; whether A-3 helped a lot, a little or not at all. If you can give us the results of laboratory tests, even better!
      Please read our publication about Artemisia (order number 204 in English, 202 in German, 203 in French...) which gives you all the necessary information. Please order it along with your first Artemisia order.
    7. The minimal order value is 20€.
    8. In the internet you will find a lot more literature on the theme of “AIDS and Artemisia annua” or “Artemisinin AIDS“, etc
    9. It is up to you to decide whether you inform your doctor about using A-3. In the ideal case, your doctor will also be most interested to know the results of this method of treatment!
    10. You may also, at any time, order an Artemisia Starter-kit from us and sow your own seeds and harvest your own leaves. Price is 110€ plus postal charges. Depending of your effort you will yield enough Artemisia for many treatments.
    11. As you know from our home page that our primary concern is not the promotion of Natural Medicine in Europe but in developing countries. If Artemisia has indeed helped you, please support our partners in those countries with a donation for anamed international e.V.


... and some answers

Tea leaves or tea powder?

If you order A-3 tea normal at us we send you “open leaves” (“broken”) as you similar know it from peppermint tea. The advantage: you can convince yourself from the high quality: little (ineffective) stipes, no (allergenic) flowers, no discoloured leaves. You make tea of it.
Should you prefer A-3 tea powder, so you can either shred it a bit by hand (with a teaspoon in a cup) or pound it with a mortar or more pulverulent with a common electric (fly cutter) coffee grinder. It is cheaper for you if you do it yourself. If not we do it for you and charge you 1 Euro per 50 g additionally.
This A-3 powder you take directly instead of a tea (mixed with yogurt, peanut butter or banana). Please give always the order number. Prices:


item order number Euro
A-3 Feuilles de thé broyées (broken), 50g A-3-B50 ****
A-3 Feuilles de thé broyées (broken), 500g A-3-B500 ****
A-3 Feuilles de thé broyées (broken), 1000g A-3-B1000 ****
A-3 Feuilles de thé en poudre (ground), 50 g A-3-G50 ****
A-3 Feuilles de thé en poudre (ground), 500 g A-3-G500 ****
A-3 Feuilles de thé en poudre (ground), 1000 g A-3-G1000 ****
Moringa oleifera feuilles en poudre, 100g MOR-G100 ****
Euphorbia hirta herb, 30g EUP-30 ****

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What is the approximately proportion of volume and weight?

Artemisia tea leaves ("broken"):

1 level teaspoonful 0.4 g
1 slightly heaped teaspoon 1.25 g
1 very heaped teaspoon 1.5 g

Artemisia tea leaves as powder:

1 level teaspoonful 0.6 g
1 slightly heaped teaspoon 2.0 g
1 very heaped teaspoon 3.0 g

Moringa powder:

1 level teaspoonful 1.0 g
1 slightly heaped teaspoon 3.0 g
1 very heaped teaspoon 5.0 g

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Which role has Moringa?

Moringa oleifera powdered leaves: the main application is as common immune stamulation. We ourselves often use it in combination with artemisia as tong term treatment (AIDS, cancer, borreliosis etc.). AIDS patients in Africa emphasis towards us that in a therapy with artemisia moringa always has to be given additionally. It is decribes in scientific literature that moringa blocks the enzymatic decomposition [1]. This could mean that a combination of moringa with artemisia causes artemisia ingredients remain longer in the bloodstream:
501/ Moringa oleifera Blattpulver  100g (Price list)

[1]: Moringa: „Significant CYP3A4 inhibitory effects were found, with IC50 values of 0.5 and 2.5 mg/ml for leaf-methanol and leaf-water extracts, respectively “J Infect Dev Ctries. 2008 Oct 1;2(5):379-83.:Moringa oleifera leaf extracts inhibit 6beta-hydroxylation of testosterone by CYP3A4. Monera TG, Wolfe AR, Maponga CC, Benet LZ, Guglielmo J.:

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AIDS Ribbon

The following discussion has been put together from several conversations in Musoma, Tanzania. Those involved were Maike Ettling, German leader of the health division of the Diocese of Mara in the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania, Dr Peter Feleshi, doctor and state registered AIDS advisor, Philip Mateja, Evangelist and link person for anamed Tanzania, several HIV positive people (named person A, B, C etc – we have their full names) and Dr Hans-Martin Hirt, pharmacist from Winnenden, Germany.

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